Mother Daughter Outfits Inc

We create original, superiorly made dresses that nail the trends while being the best designed so that the best in you stands out. We work with the top designers who design for those big names!

Ammar Hamza

Travel scholar. Gamer. Problem solver.

Latasha Hunter

Football fan, risk-taker, fender owner, and TDC honorary member.

Virginia Rhoton

TV nerd. Hardcore pop culture enthusiast. Analyst. Web buff. Coffee expert.

Wendy Durocher

Web maven. Award-winning music buff. Writer. Travel evangelist.

Johnathon Dugas

Basketball fan, ninja, guitarist, reclaimed wood collector and product designer.

Jesse Reams

Explorer. Total beer expert. Music trailblazer.

Ian Burns

Skydiver, risk-taker, music blogger, Eames fan and screen printer.

Emma Bernstein

Travel nerd. Entrepreneur. Coffee fanatic. Writer.

Cynthia Butler

Soccer lover, ramen eater, ukulelist, and vintage furniture lover.

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